The Step-By-Step Ordering System For WooCommerce

A configurable step-by-step ordering e-commerce ordering system to enhance what you sell using WooCommerce. Enhance your customer experience and drive more sales to your online shopping. To get started review the documentation below or view our faq section.

Table of Contents



  1. Install WooCommerce. WooCommerce is required for this plugin.
  2. Install the Step-By-Step plugin.
  3. Access the settings page found here.



  1. When you installed the plugin, a Packages category was automatically created and is selected by default to display in the Choose Package Page. If you want a different category to do this, select the desired category under the Package Category field in Package Settings. (View Image)
  2. Create some products. These will be your packages. Make sure the package category is selected. (View Image)
  3. If you have purchased a premium license of this plugin you can assign store credit that will be applied when it’s added to the cart. You can set it in the product general settings. (View Image)
  4. When you’re done creating packages, go back to the package settings page and drag packages from the Available Packages column to Your Active Packages column to build the Choose Package page. You can rearrange packages in the Your Active Packages column to change the order they’re displayed. (View Image)



To configure your sidebar in the ordering process:

  1. Go to the widgets section on your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Add the WooCommerce Cart Totals widget to your sidebar.
  3. It is also recommended that you add the WooCommerce Cart Widget under the WooCommerce Cart Totals.

(View Image)

Step By Step

(View Image)

  1. The Step-By-Step is located under the Step-By-Step tab in the Step-By-Step Ordering settings
  2. Create product categories. Each page in the ordering process will display one parent category, which will include their child categories.
  3. To create child categories, make a new category and select the parent category under the Parent field.
  4. Assign a parent and child category to each product. This is needed for Step-By-Step to function correctly.
  5. Go to the Step-By-Step settings page and drag categories into Your Ordering Process. You can rearrange the categories inside to change the order.


Options and Fees (optional)

(View Image)

  1. This is an optional page you can create that displays products in a table rather than a catalog.
  2. A product category named Options and Fees was automatically created on install. This category is the default for the Options and Fees page.
  3. If you wish a different category to serve this role go the Options and Fees settings page and select the category you want and save.
  4. Create child categories of the chosen Options and Fees category, and make products belonging to those categories. Assign a parent and child category to each product. This is needed for Step-By-Step to function correctly.
  5. Drag and drop child categories from Available Categories to Options and Fees Page Outline to build your Options and Fees page.


WordPress Themes

This plugin is configured to work with themes already compatible with WooCommerce. While the plugin is fully functional with these themes out of the box, it is recommended to take these steps if you are using one of the following themes:

–Twenty Sixteen–

It is recommended that a full-width template be used on the Choose Package page. Since Twenty Sixteen does not come with a full-width template, download a child theme from our website, install it, then activate it. Go to the package selection page in the Admin settings and choose the Full Width template on the right-hand sidebar.


–Twenty Seventeen–

Twenty Seventeen does not come with a sidebar. Download a child theme from our website, install it, then activate it. Go to the Ordering page in WP Admin and choose the Page with Sidebar template on the right-hand sidebar.


–Divi by Elegant Themes–

The Choose Package and Checkout page works best on a full-width template. The Step-By-Step Ordering page should be used on a 3/4 and 1/4 width template for main content and sidebar, respectively.



The Choose Package page is best displayed on the Full width template, which you can select when you edit that page on the right-hand sidebar. The default template is recommended for the Ordering page.


Step-By-Step Premium Upgrade

If you like our plugin and would like to see more content from us please consider purchasing a license from us. Premium users get additional features like unlimited steps, navigation options, required products, either-or products, package store credit, preset themes, and much more! You will also have access to our support team!

After purchasing a license, a key will be sent to your provided email. Enter this key into the input box in the Premium tab in the Step-By-Step Ordering settings and then click Activate.



If you wish to disable this plugin’s functionality you can deactivate it in the plugin settings. If you wish to completely remove this plugin, deactivate it, then click the Delete button.  If you have a premium license, deactivate it first in the “premium tab” of the SBS settings before deleting the plugin.

By default all settings, custom fields, and custom metas are not deleted on uninstall. If you wish to remove all Step-By-Step data, add this line to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'SBS_REMOVE_ALL_DATA', true );

This will delete any content created by the Step-By-Step plugin when you uninstall, including the Package and Step-By-Step Ordering pages, all settings, and post metas. Products and Categories will not be removed.

For more assistance and premium support with the Step-By-Step Ordering System for WooCommerce, view our faq section visit our support forum, or contact us directly.

Thank you for using our plugin!